OMARA - a communication system

  • Perfect intelligibility in extreme noise.
  • Perfect sustainabilty of hearing.

 OMARA  has been developed  for  people  who  encounter extremely noisy environments. Extreme noise occurs in a huge quantity of cases. Firemen, policemen, civil work heavy duty workers, offshore maintenance operators, motorsport mechanical  engineers, fighte r and helicopter pilots, airplanes maintenance   ground   staff,......    all these people face extreme noise . Unfortunately, they  are not fully protected against the danger  and  harmful effects of these  high  volumes  with  the possible result  of  unrecoverable damage  to  the  human ear.

No intelligibility means  no communication.   No communication  means poor performance.

  • OMARA brings intelligibility.
  • OMARA affords security.
  • OMARA cancels hearing loss costs.

    OMARA solves all these problems.


OMARA is the solution


  • OMARA is a high tech cocktail of innovative smart solutions.
  • OMARA is friendly to use, easy to wear.
  • OMARA is comfortable.
  • OMARA is safe and sustainable.
  • OMARA is adaptative, flexible and customised.

OMARA is THE solution for perfect intelligibilty in extreme noise,
and long term sustainability of hearing capacity.

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