OMARA  product
easy to use, easy to wear

OMARA perfect intelligibility in extreme noise

OMARA is a unique innovative combination 

  • in  ear  concept  and  electronics  miniaturization. It  uses  high  performance  materials   and
    a s
    mart choice of filterings (high frequency selective and tunable filtering ) for a multifunctional
    integration  of   the  receiver  and   the  filter  to  ensure   a  barometric  equalization  (altitude
    effect compensation)
  • in  ear mold flatness, customized  for a self adaptation to the user to ensure maximum comfort,
    even in long duration flights
  • in consistency with different helmets, to be used with planes and helicopters
    (versative application)

OMARA means :

  • Security
    Clear Alarms
    Redundancy with loud speakers
    Clear perception of all messages
  •  Ergonomics/ comfort 
    Lightweight, easy to use, easy to wear
  • Performance
    Reduction of user’s stress
    Allows user to focus on the essential
  • Sustainability
    Long term user’s ear protection and hearing capability



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Ginette Bolomey
Patrick    Mueller




Perfect intelligibility in
extreme noise
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