Extreme Noise Management !

OMARA : an effective solution that ensures excellent intelligibility as well as perfect absorption of damaging noise levels  

OMARA   -  A  communication  system

OMARA has been developed for pilots and flying crew members in order to ensure a perfect intelligibility in very noisy environments. Fighter plane and helicopter cockpits experience very high levels of decibels. Unfortunately,pilots are not fully protected against the danger of these high volumes with the possible result of unrecoverable damage to the human ear. This situation leads to tremendous costs due to the extremely large aviation professionals
who have experienced hearing impairement.

OMARA   -   A custom-made disruptive solution

  • OMARA  is a custom-made for each user, patent-pending system of  auricles out  of silicone  allowing a clear  perception of the radio messages, a good protection against the internal noise of the cockpits of military aircrafts and helicopters. A filter acoustic valve offers an excellent perception of alarms and a good barometric transparency

  • OMARA is  composed of  ultra  high-quality  components  (cables, connector, receivers, filters, auricles)  which  were carefully selected to ensure  the maximum comfort and security for pilots

  • OMARA  allows to  dramatically increase the pilot's performance during the flight and ensures a sustainable hearing capability.

customised earplug
The    customised silicone earplug 60 shore with Jrenum
Filter LD18  green
must  fit  perfectly
to   eliminate   the background noise.

Red   personalised reference  for  the
right ear.

Blue  personalised reference  for  the
left ear.

How to guarantee hearing intelligibility ?

Hearing intelligibility is a complex phenomenon that calls for detailed study in order to develop and deploy a consistent strategy. The most important part of the frequency spectrum is the intermediate region between 700 and 4000 Hz - this is the range that is directly linked to intelligibility. Acoustic cues, as they are known, play a key part here. Two types of technology are available : active (the active noise reduction technique) and passive (acoustic filtering), and the two can also be combined. The active noise reduction technique produces an efficient response in the low frequency range of the spectrum (100-300Hz). On the other hand, acoustic filtering is a simple and efficient way of eliminating noise across the whole range.

OMARA modified with anti humidity protection filter HF3
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Jrenum  Acoustic  Filtering is
an efficient way to remove the noise  whose   spectrum  lies in-between 10  and   8000 Hz
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Receiver     ED1912, mini-HdO, Concha ITE
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Perfect  intelligibility  in extreme noise
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Attenuation   measurements Benchmarketing  of  OMARA
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