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  • 2011 - The French team BIG FROG  attended the legendary  and crasiest competition in the world,  the "National Championship Air Races" in Reno, Nevada (USA)  in September 2011. OMARA is a partner in this exciting adventure.

    • 2009 -  Les pilotes  de l'équipe de voltige de l'armée de l'air française (EVAA), utilisent  OMARA à leur entière satisfaction.
      2009 - EVAA Team  flies with OMARA.
    • 2008 - The Finnish Air Force chose the OMARA product to equip pilots and ground staff.

    • “I can say, unequivocally, that the OMARA headset is terrific and I much prefer flying with it than flying without it!!…Not having worn earplugs before while flying and not really having worn ear plugs for as long as 1.5 to 1.7 hours, I could tell that I had something in my ear on the first couple of flights. I have adapted to this feel to the point that now the only thing I notice just how much ambient noise has been reduced and how much better the audio clarity is for both radio and ICS communication - and at reduced volume. Since I already have identifiable hearing loss this is greatly appreciated as I'm very concerned in providing better protection for my hearing now. In short, I'm glad to report that OMARA is providing me everything that was promised and I am very satisfied…”
      Desmond Dave, Chief Test Pilot, 2008
    • Since 2006, the Swiss Air Force regularly flies with OMARA. The Swiss Air Force response to the OMARA product has been more than satisfactory.

    •  J'ai eu l'honneur de pouvoir initier et conduire le projet OMARA pour les Forces aériennes helvétiques. C'est aujourd'hui avec plaisir que j'admire le travail accompli, et je félicite chaleureusement tous les partenaires qui ont permis de mener à bien ce beau challenge. Grâce à OMARA, la sécurité des vols a certainement fait un pas remarquable en avant et c'est la plus belle récompense que l'on puisse espérer.
      Major Pierre de Goumoëns, Pilote d'essai opérationnel, Responsable du projet au sein des forces aériennes de l’Armée Suisse
    • "Absolutely outstanding, I'll never fly again without OMARA"
      T. Walther, Swiss Air Force, 2006
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