OMARA  ClearSound

A confortable hearing protection for a better communication in a noisy environment 

OMARA  ClearSound   offers an acoustic comfort for people working in noise levels below 100 dB. Speech is easier to understand.



  • Cerumen Stick
  • Otoease liquid
  • Transportation cover
  • Case

115 x 195 mm

OMARA ClearSound  Advantages

  • A very compact custom-made hearing protection that
    fits perfectly in the user's auditory canal
  • 100% made in Switzerland
  • Comfortable to wear as it is made entirely of soft,
    flexible silicon material that causes no pressure
    points in the ear canal
  • Protects againt loud or extreme noises
  • Small and ergonomic
  • Uses an adaptated noise filter that prevents
    from an excessive attenuation
  • Ensures a better speech understanding and warning
    signals can still be heard
  • Offers a flat attenuation in the high frequencies
  • A cord is attached to the tiny grip


NOISE  is not only a source of irritation, but  primarily a major cause of  hearing   impairment. Once   hearing  is  impaired  it cannot recover and is therefore irreversible.Hard of hearing due
to  noise  is  one  of  the  three
most   common   occupational diseases.Hearing protection is
for that reason certainly not an extravagance. 

OMARA  ClearSound  hearing protection  helps  to   prevent irreversible  hearing  loss.

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